5 Ways to Reuse Our Peri Bottle

Ok so you've passed the postpartum phase. The ever so handy peri bottle served its purpose during that time. Now you have this bottle with you. What now?

Here are some ways to reuse the peri bottle!

Bath Toy

Babies and kids love bath time! You could use this as a fun bath activity!

Portable bidet for travelling

It's a great addition to keep yourself clean when you travel or even going camping. It could be a great help for not just yourself but the family.

Helps Baby Bathtime

You can use it to clean your baby's hair or bum. The ability to control the gentle flow will make bath time easier.

Water Plants

If you have trickily positioned plants, you can use the peri bottle to water them. 

Keep using it in the bathroom

Why not? It helps you keep clean and reduces your need for toilet paper. 

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